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Grief and loss counselling  in Sidcup, Bexley

I'm Angela, a compassionate and experienced private counsellor helping people to navigate grief and find life beyond loss.

I am passionate about supporting people to discover who they are, trust their inner voice and make changes that will ensure a more fulfilling, happier life.

I’m here to offer you a private, confidential, reflective space and help you gain a better understanding of your feelings, why they make you feel the way they do and learn how to regulate your emotions, respond rather than react so that you can start feeling better!

Angela Diac counsellor

Here to listen without judging while you move forward in your life after loss.

Am I the right counsellor for you?

My aim is to be as genuine, empathetic and non judgemental as I can be in our relationship therefore my way of working is client led which means I will walk beside you in the direction you set and at your pace.

That’s not to say that I’m just sitting unresponsively and listen nodding my head and mumble every now and then. I ask thoughtful and insightful questions aimed to encourage and challenge you to find the right solutions for yourself to meet your goals.

Passionate about inspiring others

Having experienced a traumatic loss myself as a child  and unable to express feelings I am particularly drawn to supporting clients through bereavement as I know how difficult it can be.

For years I suffered in silence believing I was to blame for all the bad things that happened to me. I thought it was my responsibility to ease people’s suffering and carry it all on my shoulders.

I eventually learned to listen to my body, spirit and mind and found a way to support others by giving them the right tools to find their own answers instead of me ‘fixing their problems’.

Whether you are grieving for the death of a loved one or the ending of a relationship, a job, your health, mobility or lifestyle I’m here to listen without judgement and move through your grief together to start your healing.

Here you will feel heard, understood, accepted.

I absolutely love what I do

I feel it's a privilege to support people with whatever issue they bring to counselling and being able to help them get a clearer understanding of what is important to them and how they want to live their life.

I can show you how to communicate your feelings in a healthy way making sure you value yourself and prioritise your needs. This will help you increase trust and build better relationships, increase self-esteem and confidence which will automatically make you feel less isolated, less stressed, more empowered. 

I'm here for you

I know that entering counselling can be daunting and finding the right counsellor is not easy.

I’m confident we can develop a trusting, open and honest relationship so I offer a free 15 minute initial telephone consultation prior to our first meeting so that you can ask questions, get a sense of who I am and see if we can work together.

With me you don’t have to put on a brave face or hide your happiness. Tears of joy or sadness are welcome in my counselling room no matter your age, your background, your sex or skin colour.

what my clients say

As a counsellor in private practice I have worked successfully with people of different ages and genders with life/work stress, anxiety, depression, bereavement, relationships, abuse, trauma, low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts just to name a few.
Very professional, experienced, skilled and helpful.
Mrs Angela helped me beyond words can say in the darkest stage of my life, helping me to find and respect myself again.


It feels like you’ve given me my life back, to have a really great future. You’ve impacted my life on such a deep level and have given me tools which I will use for the rest of my life. You taught me to love me.


Qualified and Professional counsellor

My journey started 15 years ago after I received a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and continued with training as a Person Centred counsellor/ psychotherapist.

 I am really keen on delivering the most professional counselling service therefore I regularly attend supervision, personal therapy as well as workshops and conferences.

I am a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and abide by their Ethical Framework. Being a member of BACP means that my qualifications have been checked and I'm fit to practice safely and ethically.

I hold a full indemnity insurance and I’m GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant.

I’m also registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) as a Data Controller. 

Professional qualifications

Level 5 Higher Professional Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy

Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences Al. I. Cuza University

Qualified Teacher Status

BACP angela Diac Final

If you’re struggling to cope with life and feel that now it is the time to make a new start, understand and accept yourself, feel more confident and build healthy relationships, contact me now to see if I can help. I’m here to help you with your loss!

I would love to hear from you!

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