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If you are traveling a lot and have a busy schedule, live in a remote area or have a condition that makes it difficult to leave your house and you're unable to attend Face to Face Counselling, Online Counselling offers you an alternative.

What is online counselling?

Online Counselling is a talking therapy like Face to Face Counselling which is becoming increasingly popular for busy people or those travelling a lot. 

Online/Telephone therapy refers to therapy conducted via de Internet using video conferencing so that we can see each other while we speak or telephone if you prefer to use just audio.

I have noticed Online Counselling is getting an amazing response and positive results even from my new clients whom I never met face to face.

Each session lasts 50 minutes.

How effective is online counselling?

Online therapy is as effective as Face to Face Counselling.

In fact, I noticed that all my clients that moved to Online Counselling due to Covid-19 lockdown opened up more with life-changing, positive impact.

Here are some advantages of Online Counselling:

  • You can get all the support you need from the privacy and convenience of your own home regardless of your location.
  • It gives you the opportunity to have access to psychological support when you are unable to travel to your counsellor in person either because you have a disability that makes it difficult for you to leave your home, you have small children and no childcare or if you suffer from social anxiety.

  • If you have a busy life or live in a remote area you can save time and money with Online Counselling because you don’t need to travel.
Woman using Private, secure, effective Online Counselling for Grief and Loss with Angela Diac

Is online therapy safe and secure?

Yes, it is!

All the information I store about you is encrypted and our conversations are all completely confidential.

Which platform do you use?

For confidentiality reasons I prefer to use a secure video conferencing platform called Zoom which is a safe, encrypted platform however during the Covid-19 Pandemic I can use WhatsApp to message clients who prefer this method.

I recommend that you find a place where you can comfortably explore whatever is going on for you, somewhere where you won’t be overheard or overlooked. You will need a computer, a mobile phone or tablet with Internet connection.

Do I need to download any software?

Once we agreed to have our sessions via Zoom we will work using a webcam and I will email you a link with the meeting invitation to join me online.

You may like to download the free Zoom app prior to our session however you can connect directly from the link provided in your confirmation email.

If you need support I can help with a step-by-step simple approach to getting started.

What happens if I have connection problems?

If the internet connection is not very good we can easily switch to Telephone Counselling

How much does it cost?

Individual online counselling costs £60 payable in advance by bank transfer, card or PayPal.

I offer short term therapy (usually 8-12 sessions) or long-term therapy as well as one-off appointments. 

When are you available?

I work Monday to Thursday and have different slots for counselling sessions. Please check my availability here.

How do I make an appointment?

Online Counselling is very similar to face to face counselling therefore you can get in touch by calling me on the phone, by completing the contact form or book a session online.

Although I’ve seen great results through Online Counselling I want to acknowledge that this type of therapy is not for everyone and some people feel more comfortable with Face to Face Counselling.

 If you would like to know a little more about how I work why not browse my site, head over to  Frequently Asked Questions or contact me directly to book a free consultation.

Don’t suffer in silence. I’m here to help you with your loss.

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